07.12.10 London, England

O2 Arena,
London, England

"For Trainspotters Only"
Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Reunion Concert And Benefit
Remastered Audience Recording, (A Group/Personal Project)

Sony D7 DAT recorder and Sony ECM-717 microphone (Maxell 180 minute DAT tape)
Original Taper: Jules Mc Trainspotter

Disc 1:
1) Introduction
2) Good Times, Bad Times
3) Ramble On
4) Black Dog
5) In My Time Of Dying (Includes: "Honey Bee")
6) For Your Life
7) Trampled Underfoot
8) Nobodys Fault But Mine
9) No Quarter
10) Since I've Been Loving You

Disc 2:
1) Dazed And Confused
2) Stairway To Heaven
3) The Song Remains The Same
4) Misty Mountain Hop (Includes: "I Can't Quit You Baby" (Tease) )
5) Kashmir
6) Whole Lotta Love (Includes: "Boogie Chillen")
7) Rock And Roll

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